Run from here... but what is here? I'd like to know very easily!

Run from here… but what is here? I’d like to know very easily!

So what happens is, I use ‘run from here’ but then it shows 5 browser instances of which to choose from.

Page (1)
Page (2)

How can I make the connection from the browsers in the Windows taskbar below to the Katalon studio Run from here…

I was thinking of some kind of rightmouse-click that would blink 1 of the browser instances to show what is what…

so for instance : rightclick on the Page(2) would blink the 3th browser icon in the taskbar below in Windows.

you see what kind of solution i’m looking for?

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Just to note that your ‘run from here’ browser options appear in chronological order ie keep adding to bottom of list, and your browser tab I assume spawns new instances from left to right. So your current script in the log viewer should be the rightmost browser instance on a toolbar (I’m working in Windows land here)

  • The run from here option in katalon test case is used to run from the selected step in your scripts.

  • by default all your previous executed browsers will be shown in a list when you click on executed from here

  • the top most of the list is the recently executed browser instance

  • the bottom-most of the list is the oldest browser instance

for example
1.if you have 10 lines of script
2. while executing if it fails in 4 th line
3. make changes to the script in 4th line
4. right click on the 4 th line and select run from here
5. while run from here please select the top most browser in the list
6. if u select the top most one it will execute in the same browser which u used previously for execution
7. this will reduce your time of executing the same script from line 1

To avoid more than one in the list of executed browser pls close all the browsers opened by katalon studio during execution to keep track of your browser instance.