Unable to execute 'Run from here' function

Previously the 5.5 version was working fine but then somehow today, I couldn’t execute the ‘Run from here’ function.I notice there is an upgraded version, so I thought okay -maybe it just needs to be upgraded but then I faced the same issue again. Any advice on how to fix this?

I am new to automation testing, so any information on how to resolve this little hiccup will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Can you provide your steps? What have you done from your side?

Hi Vinh,

These are the steps taken:
1. Go to File > Open Project > Select Test Project
2. Once items from the project is loaded. Double click on the ‘Test’ item under the Test Cases. Test item will be opened and all the steps will be displayed.
3. Click on the ‘Run/Play’ button icon and selected ‘Chrome’ browser.
4. Execute test till it hits an error/stop.
5. Right-click on the step that has an error and select ‘Run from here’ option. ‘New session’ or ’ '.
6. Click on the ‘’ to continue the same session.
7. Program freezes.

Note: Another friend is having the same issue with ver 5.6, has this function been disabled in ver 5.6?
I was able to use this function in ver 5.5 up until today.

Kindly advise, thanks