[Resolved] Element not visible

I need help, Please.
I want to click on the blue button in a Modal Window
The button is a dynamic object, its xpath is like:
the number 565981 change.
So I use this xpath:

But I got this error:

Unable to click on object ‘Object Repository/…/Valider_modal’ (Root cause: org.openqa.selenium.ElementNotVisibleException: element not visible

(Session info: chrome=67.0.3396.99)


I found solution :slight_smile:
The xpath was not correct:

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Credit for posting your error :slight_smile:

Please help I’m dealing with the same type issue, "Element not Visible’ error and very frustrated:
I want to select the checkbox that is called ‘VA’ on the webpage and the object’s Xpath is :

And here is the elment’s attributes when I inspect on the UI:

                            <input value="VA" name="geography.statesTerritories" type="checkbox" id="geography-states-VA" autocomplete="off">



the Xpath is :
//input [@id=‘geography-states-VA’]


Hello there

I am the same Bug like this :