Web object not visible in Firefox

I am using Katalon Studio to create web tests on our website.

There is an error that has never come up before. During a test, a web element (button login) is suddenly no longer recognized (“button is not visible in viewport”). → If I go to the current page where the test stopped I see the element and can select it via the xpath.

When running the test with Chrome everything works, but with Firefox the test stops “Element not found”. The XPath of the element (button login) is identical in firefox and chrome.

To understand, there are attached screenshots of:

  • the button incl. Xpath on the web
  • the button incl. Xpath as object in Katalon Studio
  • the error output in the report window of the test case

→ Checked the test case, it is executed with the object Button_Login

which is selected (in chrome it fits).

Has anyone had a case like this so far?

Thanks for the help.

System: Windows 10
Browser: Firefox 84.0.2

And do you have a wait statement until the browser has the login button visible?
WebUI.waitForElementVisible(findTestObject('button_login'), 10)

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Hi grylion54,
unfortunately, this also did not find the element.

I have now found a solution. I have the element the complete Xpath deposited (html/body/div/…) is of course error-prone with changes, but it works.

Nevertheless many many thanks for the tip!

Fabian Schmider

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