Request for tutorial on how to use KR Helper tool better

Hi, I like the idea behind Katalon Recorder Helper Tool. I install it, run it and it’s work for the “dir” command like shown in the page.

But I wonder how to use more complex command because when I try run a powershell script I’m getting http 400 error. First I thinked it because space between “powershell” and path to the script but it’s not the case because “dir /a:d” works fine and it have a space in it.

So my question is:
Is there a way to run powershell from Katalon Recorder with Helper Tool??

When I try “more d:\messageBox.ps1” I’m getting 400 error as well but when i try “more messageBox.ps1” - whitout “d:” I’m getting:

{“command”:“more messageBox.ps1”,“output”:[“Process may failed caused by no response”]}


Using “powershell messageBox.ps1” without “d:” I’m getting same output message:

{“command”:“powershell messageBox.ps1”,“output”:[“Process may failed caused by no response”]}

I figured it out. :smiley:

It was about “\” in URL.
When I change “\” to “%5C” it works.

My adress in Katalon look like this:

http://localhost:18910/execute?cmd=powershell d:%5C'Chrome downloads'%5CmessageBox.ps1

Tip 1:
As You can see I added (’) single quote before “Chrome” and after “downloads” becuase cmd treats “downloads” like parameter without this single quote.

Tip 2:
Like You can guess i make a powershell that show a message box. Chrome will load page forever if You don’t click “OK” on the messagebox. Probably there is a way in powershell to shaw messageBox without waiting for user to click somthing that will close it but I don’t have time right now to search for it.

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