Katalon Helper Tool is Cool

I was going to write about Katalon Helper Tool and how to use but acctually You can just simply go to:
and read about it.

You can also check this thread for some additional info:

So what I can add here is:

  1. I use Windows scheduler to run Helper tool at start of system so it’s always ready to use.
  2. If You want to use it for some more complex task You should write it in i.e. Powershell or something and run it instead of writing whole task/tasks to do in target value for open. There is 2 reason why:
    a) address bar in browser are limited to about 2000 characters
    b) it will look cleaner in Katalon if You have something like this:

http://localhost:18910/execute?cmd=powershell d:%5C’Chrome downloads’%5CmessageBox.ps1
and not full program write after “cmd=”

  1. Katalon Helper Tool will return response in JSON format so it’s two way communication because You can then process this response.

My examples of using it:

  1. I run powershell which send me an e-mail with simple raport from executed tests.
  2. I had in plan to use it for checking mailbox after every testcase to see if e-mail with order confirmation arrived.

It gives Katalon recored so much power that you are only limited by your imagination what You can do with it.