Reports : How to form the folder with suite name instead of timestamp


When we run the test suite collection containing multiple suites, the reports are formed with individual folder for each suite in the collection. this is fine.

But each folder representing the suite are named with timestamp as {{executionDay_milliSeconds}}. for example 20191211_063751

Instead of the report folder of each suite being named with time stamp, can it be named with the suite name itself.
That would be much more friendly.
Do we have a workaround for it , when we run the collection using commandline…
In the execution logs, I can see there is a correlation between the suite name and the timestamp,like below

Test Suites/DataValidation - Chrome (headless) - 20191211_063751…13/50(26%).

So the information is there , can we name each suite reportfolder with its own name instead of timestamp ?


I figured out this happens inside the report folder which gets generated when we pass the -reportFolder= and -reportFileName= in the command line,

for the normal original Report folder, the sub-directories are created based on the suite name present in the collection