Issue with reportFolder options


We have a bug with katalon studio when using the reportFolder options (Docker Image, Katalon Linux & Katalon Windows).

When we use the command line with testSuiteCollectionPath, we have a folder name “Reports” which is create and contain a subfolder for each test suite.

But we can think that reportFolder will be contain all the test but not, only the latest test suite on all the test collection…

The entire command line : katalon -retry=0 -statusDelay=15 -testSuiteCollectionPath=“Test Suites/HO_5_Preprod” -runMode=console -reportFolder=“report_folder” -projectPath=“project_path”

Did anyone people have the same issue ?

Thanks in advance

Raphaël L

I had a similar problem, not sure if this is what you are experiencing. When I ran the test suite collection, the reports were generated very quickly. The folder names use a timestamp, and the timestamp goes to the seconds (not milliseconds). So, one report overwrote the previous one. Could this be your issue?

Yes, it’s exactly the same issue.

So it’s a bug, i will close this message and up the another

Thank you @raphael_l. We will update status in the other thread.