Report & Analytics > Test Runs

Unable to view the Test results in Katalon Analytics

  • Katalon Studio Version:8.1
  • OS Version:Windows 10
  • Browser Version: 94

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Test suite collection with two test suites
  2. Set the execution to parallel. The test suites are configured to run remotely on two nodes.
  3. Trigger the execution.
  4. After execution is completed, check in “” > Report & Analytics > Test Runs for the latest run results.
  5. The results table shows all data as 0.
  6. However, the correct reports are generated in the Automation server under Reports folder.

Expected behavior:
The test results need to be shown correctly on Report & Analytics > Test Runs in Katalon Anaytics.


Hi friend,

From my understanding, you need to wait for a while for report to be uploaded.


How long would it be? 1 minute? 10 minute? 1 hour? as far as you have experienced.

Thank you for the update. These were run more than 24 hours before and still do not have the results on Analytics.

From my usage as a Katalon users, I saw that it took about 15 mins to see the result uploaded to TestOps with sequential running

Yes, I agree. The sequential run does work fine and results populate in a good time.
However, parallel execution does not fetch the result on Katalon Analytics. I believe this does not work at all.
I am having this issue since last 6 months and we run the tests in parallel only.
Any help from Katalon is high appreciated.

After executing completely, we have report folder containing result of execution. Have you ever tried to upload your report manually to TestOps?

Dear Jmathai,
After considering and checking, we realized that these executions don’t have any uploaded files at the moment. Therefore, could you give us Katalon Studio log file so that we can check the reason it cannot upload to TestOps.
Our team is looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regard.

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@lydoan I can see a file named execution0.txt inside of the Reports folder. Is this what you are looking for.

Hi Jmathai,
Thanks for your response.
Our team would like to see the event log from Katalon Studio with test suite collection that you cannot upload to TestOps.
Best regard.