Remote Execution configuration

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We have developed scripts in my local machine and now we want to run scripts on a remote machine. Could someone help to configure the setup?

Currently, we are using the Katalon Studio Enterprise version, and do we require any other license to run scripts on the remote machine?

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Remote execution in Katalon Studio is the ability to execute Katalon test script on a Selenium/Appium grid that can be your local server or cloud service such as SauceLabs, BrowserStack, LamdaTest, etc.

For your self-hosted Selenium/Appium grid, you don’t need any extra license. For cross-platform cloud service, you will need the license key of the vendor you want to use.

For more details, please refer to our document:


Thanks @duyluong

Do we need to config the nodeConfig.json in the Katalium server or we just use the default nodeConfig.json?

Hi @duyluong,

I wanna ask about my project similar to this concern. So I run a Katalium server in the EC2 instance ubuntu, which I run as a hub and node. But, when I try to run my test case to the remote, I got an error like this [error.log|attachment](upload://lKolgxojfrClcndUENkH8MhDGCu.log) (6.6 KB) , is there any insight? thank you.

Hi @aryawardana1997,

Please re-attach your screenshot of the error.

You can follow this document to start with Katalium server on Linux: