Release - Issue when selecting a Command


I have an issue with the new release Release of Katalon Recorder.

When I tried to add a new step in a test and when I choose a Command, the command is correctly present in the list. Nevertheless, after selecting the Command, this one does not appear entirely in the Command field:

Thus the test fails when executing:

Could you help me please with that (issue in Chrme and Firefox)?

Seeing the same issue. When you start typing and select a Command from the list, the Command does not take and only what you have typed is left.

Thank you a, for the report and sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve fixed this in the new version (

Chrome will automatically update the extension at some (uncontrollable) point. but you can go to the URL: chrome://extensions/?id=ljdobmomdgdljniojadhoplhkpialdid and click on Update to manually initiate the update.

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