Impossible to test one specific step of a test with Katalon Recorder 5.4.20

My browser (Firefox) has been updated and I have now the release 5.4.20 of Katalon Recorder.

Since I have this release I have an issue. All is working if I run a test. in the console Log the status of the steps is displayed like that:

[info] Executing: | typeAndWait | xpath=(//input[@type='text'])[3] | CFT - Test Pa |
[info] Executing: | pause | 2000 | |

If I tried to execute only one step of the test, I cannot see anymore the result (the log) of the step. Nothing appears in the log section. Is it normal?

I’m now obliged to relaunch the test from the beginning to test the specific step that I want.

Could you help me please with that ?

Hi @amadese, we fixed this issue in 5.5 which is already out. Please try to see if it works.

Thanks I tried the new release and it’s now working correctly.

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