[Recording] Unable to launch the web browser?!


Hello! Chrome, FireFox, IE are installed on my computer and the paths in the settings in Katalon are correct, but I get the message that the web browser can not be started when I click on the red button to record actions. (Chrome Pluginin is installed, Katalon Studio Server Port: 50000, Windows 7 64 Bit)

Could anyone give me a hand?




Hi Necip S.

Is there a way to use the tool without an admin rights to the user account? Maybe edit some settings in the machine? Please advise. Thank you.





I am unable to launch the browsers… FF , chrome and IE all these three browsers are installed in my machine.

I have also installed the ChromeADD ON … but still i an unable to launch the browsers.

Note : I have clicked on the exe and selected the option " Run as Administrator " … But still of no use :frowning:

Please help me out.

Thanks & Regards

Sridhar S


[SOLVED, Ticket closed]

Recording works if Katalon ist started AS ADMINISTRATOR!



I did run Katalon AS ADMINISTRATOR but am still getting an message that the web browser can not be started. And Chrome Pluginin is installed, Katalon Studio Server Port: 50000, Windows 8 64 Bit


Unable to launch IE browser from the web recorder. can someone please advice me?


I am facing the same issue since last 3 weeks. It is really frustrating. Katalon is not able to launch chrome almost 14/15 times and it fails.


Anyone have a solution for this? I have tried running as admin on my machine and replaced Chrome and also reinstalled Katalon but with no luck! Still getting that Chrome is unable to be launched even though the most up-to-date version is on my machine.


Is this also happening for the object spy? I just created a new post with what looks to be the same issue. I haven’t been able to find a solution either :anguished:



I have been recently getting this issue on both the object spy and the web recorder and have not had any prior issues using Chrome until today. Any information on this would help immensely.

I have tried running Katalon as an admin but that has not solved this problem.

Tyler P.