[Recap] Best Practices and Tips for Web and Mobile Testing in Katalon Studio

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Thank you very much for joining our Webinar: Best Practices and Tips for Web and Mobile Testing in Katalon Studio. As always, please find the recording below, as well as the Q&A.

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Q: How can I click a nested shadow root elements?

A: You can refer to this guide on GitHub on how to click on the nested shadow root elements:

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Q: Do we have to use JSPath along with Shadow DOM? Isn’t it possible to use XPath or CSS locators for that?

A: Not directly. XPath and CSS selectors are designed to select elements from the main document tree, and they cannot directly access elements that are contained within shadow DOM trees.

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Q: When I do an “StartApplication” in Katalon, it took so much time to start the script. What could have been the cause?

A: The process usually takes a lot of time because it needs to call Appium server and wait for the response before starting the app.

You can change under Project → Settings → Execution > Default wait for element timeout in order to decrease the wait time.

Q: What is the difference between the “click” and “enhancedClick” methods? I am more interested to know about the “enhancedClick” method. Thanks!

A: Hi Naveen, enhanceClick is using JavaScript executor which is much more powerful than WebUI.click.

You can refer to this article for more details: :point_down:


Q: In my case, the Shadow DOM elements are present inside an iframe. I saw in the video we used JS Path to click the element, so switch to frame and directly using the javascript click method will allows the click to happen? Or do we need to create an object for iframe and need to create a child object and link to it to click. Please advise.

A: In this case, yes we need to switch to iframe first before clicking on the Shadow DOM elements.

Q: Does Katalon support parallel execution for Android and iOS?

A: Yes, we do support parallel execution for Android and iOS in Test Suite Collection.

Q: Is there any workaround for “scrolltotext” if it does not work?

A: Yes, you can check out the Swipe keyword in the article below :point_down: