Took 31 seconds to find element under shadow root

Using below document i have tried automate web element under Shadow root ,but i have observe it’s took to much time for find element …
is there any way to reduce time …??

Automate below …side _input book

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Hi @sachin.bandgar,

To reduce the time, you can go to Project > Settings > Execution > Default wait for element timeout (in seconds) and set it to 5s.

Or you can try out our PoC version for multi-level shadow DOM here: v8.5.2.alpha.

Notice that this PoC is not ready for production use. We recommend using this PoC for evaluation purposes only and we would love to hear your feedback on this PoC if you try it.

Hope this would help :))

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Yes …it’s working
…but i have observe if element present inside Shadow DOM then implicit wait doesn’t work …only it would worked for those element not a part of shadow DOM.

point no 2-
But currently i have using katalon version 8.5.5…as per your comment multilevel shadow DOM it should work …??

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Currently, multi-level shadow DOM is only available on v8.5.2.alpha to get feedback from users before official support

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Hi @duc.tnguyen

–Observe another issue …if element present inside Shadow DOM those element it has wait for 5s …if i give " Default wait for element timeout (in seconds)** and set it to 5s."
–Actually it should be work like implicitly wait …but here facing above issue.[Need resolution]
–For if element not present in side Shadow DOM …then default time behavior as like implicate wait.

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@sachin.bandgar ,

set 5s in “Default wait for element timeout (in seconds)” this just is a workaround to reduce time. Why you don’t use 8.5.2 alpha? This version is PoC built to support multi-level shadow DOM

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ok let me use 8.5.2 …so that we can we reduce time of execution and minimize the multiple shadow dom challenges

Thanks @duc.tnguyen

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