[Recap] Automation Testing Best Practice and Tips from Katalon Product Team

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Thank you very much for tuning in our Live Q&A session with Chris Dion and Vaibhav Jain last week. We hope that through this session, you have been able to learn key strategies and techniques for effective automation testing in web applications and API testing.

Please find a recording of the session below… :point_down:

As always, we will be updating this thread with the answers to your questions asked during the session, so stay tuned!

This is the fourth part of our 5-part Onboarding Webinar Series , designed to help newcomers to Software Automation Testing, end even seasoned Testers who are looking to explore other Testing tools, to get started with the Katalon Platform.

You can check out our upcoming webinars by going to the link below:

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Q: I did import and requests were mixed in order in Postman . I did variable in collection so I could auto run the collection I need, can I do the same here? I am also interested in environments as Postman has it and I can select any environment I set to variables?

A: While doing the import from Postman it will import only the Web service endpoints, if you have any global/local variable so that will not get import automatically. You need to add them manually. And, if you want to list request in order you want you can use proper naming conventions.

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Q: How do you define the API target URL?

A: In the demo, Chris used global variable to define the API target URL.

Q: What can I do when the XPath of an element changes?

A: Whenever we work on automation project, we need to do maintenance of the objects time to time because as we are working on CD project but with Katalon it will capture so many locators property at recording time so if XPpath changes Katalon Studio will try to identify the object from another stored locater with the self-healing feature at runtime.

Q: How can we run single script with multiple platforms involved? For example, using same script with web and API or web and mobile?

A: If we want to run single scripts with multiple platforms, we can create custom Environments. In Project SettingsDesired Capabilities and same we can use at execution time.

Q: Can I do API Stress Test and Load Test using Katalon?

A: As of now we do not support API Stress and Load Testing in Katalon Studio but may be in future we will.

Q: What are checkpoints? And how do they work?

A: Please refer this docs link for more clarification on checkpoints:

Q: What if we have a scenario for OTP verification where we are creating an account on a website but instead we receive the OTP on mobile?

A: Yes we can handle the OTP verification from mobile device also. Please refer our sample project for reference:

Q: Do you support Azure integration for Devops for sending test results to Azure test plans automatically from local or pipeline?

A: Yes we do support Azure Devops integration. Please refer to our documentation below for more information.