[Recap] Automate Your API Testing with Ease: The Ultimate Demo

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Hi all, :wave:

Thank you very much for tuning into our webinar session last week. Please find the recording of the session below… :point_down:

We will be updating this thread with some of the questions and answers during the session, so keep checking in once in a while!

In the meantime, you can go and register for our the 4th session: Building Robust Mobile Automation Frameworks: A Step-by-step Guide below:


Q: From my experience, if Katalon Studio is not updated, some Webdrivers will begin to malfunction. Has anyone else experienced this?

A: Yes, running an outdated version of Katalon Studio will results in the Webdrivers error. But, for API Testing it will not create any issue.


Q: Can you use Wildcards in expected values?

A: Yes, Regex or Wildcards are fully supported in Katalon Studio. You may want to achieve it using custom keyword but the approach remains the same.


**Q: Can you show how it [Katalon Studio] deals with variables?

A: Please refer to our documentation below…


Q: How can I work with big request?

A: You can split your test data into smaller chunks by:

  • Removing unnecessary fields from your payloads, or
  • Compressing your data
    Depending on your optimization skills, you can choose which approach that you feel most comfortable with.

Q: How can I insert API Curl from Postman to Katalon Studio?

A: Api curl can be used within Katalon Studio via the following way: Set the API end point, set headers and make API curl requests.