[Recap] Web Automation Testing: Practical Use Cases and Tips from our Expert Users

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Thank you very much for joining Part 2 of our Onboarding Webinar Series. We hope that through this session, you are now more confident in automating web applications, as well as know more about some of Katalon’s best features for web testing.

You can see a recording of our Live Walkthrough below…

… And due to the large number of attendees during the session (120 in fact!), we could not answer all of your questions within the given time frame. Thus, we will be updating this thread with the questions and answers in the days to come.

This is the second part of our 5-part Onboarding Webinar Series, designed to help newcomers to Software Automation Testing, end even seasoned Testers who are looking to explore other Testing tools, to get started with the Katalon Platform.

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Q: Is it possible to make a keyword to run multiple steps at once? For example, if I am using Katalon Recorder, I have to repeat logging into the application every time I create a new test case. Is there a way to prevent repeating the login function manually every time I want to create a new test case?

A: Yes for login you can create one seperate Test case and you can use the same one every time and recording you can start over active browser also.


Q: How to call login test case into another Test case ?

A: You can use “Call Test Case” function and reuse any existing test case in the project.

One attendee, Russ Thomas, also suggest using the script below:

WebUI.callTestCase(findTestCase('Dropdown_TC'), [:], FailureHandling.STOP_ON_FAILURE)
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Q: I do not see the existing tests in TestOps. I just try to run a test clicking the TC icon, it just sends me back to the connection set up, where I am already connected. But I can not select my existing project on the Platform integration setting screen. Only new empty projects created in TestOps.

A: To execute the scripts from TestCloud you need to create the Test Suite and add your tests at Test Suite and you can trigger your suites from TestCloud

Q: Instead of Test Ops, can we integrate with JIRA and/or XRAY? If yes, can you please show how?

A: Please see our documentation on how to integrate the Katalon with Jira below…

Q: Will you cover mobile testing of Flutter apps?

A: Yes, we will be covering Mobile testing in our next session. Please visit our forum frequently as well as visit the page below to be updated on when the next session will happen…

Q: Sometimes it takes very long time for Katalon to fail if it can’t find an object. In my case, it waits vey long before failing. Where/how can I set a Time Out, if I want Katalon to wait only for e.g. three seconds to find and object, otherwise fail?

A: By default it waits for 30 seconds but it can be configured in the Settings to be changed. Please refer to the documentation below to learn how to configure Katalon Studio’s default time out.

Q: Can you show me how to run the demo using Chrome Headless mode?

A: Sure, we demonstrated this in our webinar by the 44:13 mark.

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Q: How do I set up a database connection for data-driven testing in Katalon Studio?

A: Please refer to our documentation below to learn how to set up a database connection for Data-driven testing in Katalon Studio.

Q: Is Data binding feature currently available or you need a Katalon license for it?

A: You need an active Katalon Studio Enterprise license to perform data-binding with multiple external data sources

Q: If we have multiple objects with the same name, then what we can do?

A: If you have some elements with the same name, you can use index, for example.

Q: What is the typical mix of UI tests, API tests, and unit tests?

A: It depends on what you are testing. Usually in a testing pyramid, you would have the most Unit Tests and API Tests because they are easiest to write and then fewer UI or End-to-end tests.

Q: I would really like to see how to run an existing test on TestCloud (because I can not select an existing project when connecting to Katalon Platform)?

A: Maybe because of an access issue. Whenever you create any new testcase/TestSuite in Katalon Studio, First Time trigger it from Studio so it will get uploaded in Katalon Platform and from next time you can select the same TestSuite while doing the schedule Run.

Q: I have checked “Enable Katalon Platform Integration”. I have created a Test Suite with some Test cases, but if I open it in Katalon Studio and click the TC icon to run it on TestCloud, it just brings up the settings page again.

A: Yes, because first you need to enable TestCloud Option at Project Settings then only you can so the execution over TestCloud.

Q: If I create a project in TestOps, and click “Fetch Projects” in the Platform setting page, the new project can be selected.

But I cannot select my existing project on the integration settings tab.

A: If you are trying to fetch project which are present in Katalon Studio, So, first you need to trigger TestSuite from Katalon Studio so it will get uploaded in Platform then later you can directly select from Platform.

Q: Is Visual Testing possible without using TestOps? For example for OnPrem usage?

A: No, it is not possible because Testops only has the option to store the base images and later it will do comparison from base images.

Q: If you want to move some elements in different positions, for example you have a list of the elements that you can move to canvas, but each element you need to move to a specific coordinate. How do you get where the zero point of the element is located with drag and drop?

A: Please refer to the thread below for more information :point_down:

Q: What AI libraries is Katalon using?

A: We are currently using Applitools for our Visual Testing feature.

Q: Can you show what a failed pixel test/screenshot test looks like?

A: Please see the image below

Q: How do you detect shadow root?

A: You can use the chrome option of “Inspect Element” and find the shadow root.