Randomly Agents are hanging with the Katalon tests in Azure DevOps pipelines

We run Katalon tests in Azure DevOps pipelines.
Among the scripts that we run, there is a group of them, that seems to render Katalon-Chrome unresponsive. It’s quite erratic and happens at different stages of the run, and the only common part seems to be the TestSuite.
As the pipeline VM is ephemeric we are unable to retrieve any further details. We are unable to reproduce it locally either.

Could you please provide with any information on what’s the best way of investigating it, or what could that be caused by - maybe your other clients expirenenced similar issues?
We suspect that this might be due to a JS that either falls into an inifinite(?) loop or uses resources excessively, impacting Chrome Driver.
Is there any way to configure Katalon to kill chrome.exe in this case, and carry on with the next test case? Otherwise the whole pipeline times out, and doesn’t even post its results to the TestOps

AgentSpec: Windows2022

YAML snippet:

  • task: katalon-llc.katalon.katalonTask.katalonTask@0
    displayName: Execute Katalon Studio project
    continueOnError: true
    version: 8.0.5
    executeArgs: ‘katalonc -runMode=console -noSplash -projectPath=“$(katalonSourceFolder)${{ parameters.prjFileName }}” -retry=1 -testSuitePath=“${{ parameters.katalonTestSuiteName }}” -executionProfile=“${{ parameters.katalonExecutionProfile }}” -browserType=“Chrome” -email=“${{ parameters.katalonEmail }}” -password=“$(katalonPassword)” -reportFolder=“C:\Results\rc$(runFolderName)” -retryFailedTestCases=true -apiKey=“$(katalonApiKey)” --config -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true’

Can someone look at it , its been not working for a long time, its hindering to retrieve the correct reports from Katalon tube

@duyluong @nam.nguyen

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