Radio button testing


Hello, I am new to katalon Studio.

Has anyone encountered that it is recorded successfully that action of clicking on a radio button.

however, when you run the test case, error is thrown saying unable to click on object the radio button ?

Any advise?


Hey @marcus.w

Did you read this doc yet?

If you already followed this guide and it still isn’t working then please provide some more information. Don’t know what information to send? Check this post:


Please post the error log in it’s entirety. There are several reasons why that could happen, and we need to see exactly what your script is complaining about.


Hi Folks,

I am new to katalon (just a few weeks old) and my question is that I have used the recording function to record my test case. The steps are simple just filling a few text boxes , click some radio buttons and lastly save the form.

However, the strange thing is when I replay the test case. The test did not run successfully and errors are reported. “unable to click on object…”

I am wondering what is the use of providing the recording function when replaying it is unsuccessful?


Hi @marcus.w

Websites may appear to have common qualities but are implemented in an uncommon way. The Web Recorder works automatically only to the extent of common implementation. Beyond that is the purpose for this forum - to have experts help you solve automated testing problems.

Please provide the error log under Help > Error log, and provide screenshots along with the html structure surrounding the object on which the Click step is currently failing.