Issue with the recorder and especially the "click" keyword

A few months back, I had no issues recording our Web Application and creating tests more or less without coding. Now, neither recording or coding works. It seems that Katalon doesn’t record each step (it skips a lot of “click”'s) and when I try to manually target ID’s, Classes or other elements, it gives a " XXX is not clickable at point (X, X). Other element would receive the click: ". Sometimes it does click it though (I can see the page open) but then it gets stuck.

Something must have changed the last few months, as there was not a single issue with recording the basic steps before. The Application is mostly untouched since last.

I’ve tried doing manual objects in the repository, it worked for the first step (when choosing login method) but after that, its not working.

Any suggestions?

Update: There is a splash-div that is set to Display: none that covers the image and apparently this is targeted instead of the buttons etc. Why is it targeting a non-displayed element?

Update #2: I have tried using JavaScript to solve the issue, but it still gives the same error. As mentioned before, this error did not happen before the summer but it happens now… No one has any guess as to what is wrong?