Create keyword for checkbox!

I cannot click on the radio button with the object I captured before, the click does not work.
I would like to try the keyword method if that will solve it.

is someone can help me, what i will put in the keyword please.
thank you everyone !!

Hi - I think you need to say why the Click does not work. What is the failure? What is the html? What does your object look like?


hello Dear @Dan_Bown
I tried plenty of methods to solve this problem, but not working :upside_down_face:



Making a Keyword won’t help if you cannot get the click issue with the checkbox (???) resolved. I noticed though that you are trying to click on “label_Non”, not a checkbox input_Non. If you are using the Spy, perhaps you can try to resolve the element again more exacting or write a pathway to the specific element.

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Maybe you can put the locator of that element within the object repository and highlight the element that you are trying to click on the html. you can right click on the element -> inspect

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