radio button is selected but the value is empty

In my test, I have checked a radio button by : click|name=s_3_1_5_0
In the User interface, I see that the radio button is checked
I executed the command : verifyChecked|name=s_3_1_5_0 in order to be sure the radio button is checked and the command retured true
But when I submit the request, the value of name=s_3_1_5_0 is empty and I don’t know why
When I click manually on the radio button, the value is no longer empty

Could some help find out why I have this behavior ?

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Please show us the HTML source code of the page, especially around the radio button (perhaps <input name="s_3_1_5_0">.

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html , source code would help to debug the issue

Perhaps you can explain what you mean by a radio button with a value? Are you expecting the radio button to have a value of “true”, “false” or “Yes”, “No” and you don’t see that? It may be because there is more than one radio button with the same name and it’s only the value attribute that separates between them. You should add the value to the pathway to uniquely identify the individual radio button(s).

My problem is fixed when I have used “clickAndWait” instead of “click”
here after the definition of the element

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