How to click on a radio button from a webtable when the id is showing some random number

The requirement is, I have to select 2 radio buttons with the value as “No”.
When I identify the radio buttons, it’s detecting the below values as :
input id = input value as false, class name as ‘x-from- field x-from-radio’ and type as button.

If with the above values, in Object repository values are passed, for the first object , the radio button is selected as ‘NO’ ---- Which I want

But, for the second radio button, too the same values are populating,
I cannot use the same ObjectRepository to click the second object as it will click the first one.

Also, I feel I cannot consider XPath

Firstly, If they are ACTUAL radio controls, then their type should be radio: type="radio". If their type is (as you say) button then they are not radios (even though the may look like radios).

As to your issue… try assigning your own CSS or XPath expressions to the objects in the OR. You can get the xpath expression from the browser devtools inspector when you right-click on the radio element.

If you show us your page might be able to use stuff around the inputs to help come up with an xpath.