Provide ability to group keywords into readable test steps

Currently in Katalon we can use a group of keywords to perform a test step.
E.g. A test step could be: Login with a valid username and password.
We can break it into Katalon keywords like:
Navigate to Url
SetText username
SetText password
Click Login button

It would be great if Katalon has a mechanism to group these keywords so that we can provide a step desciption as mentioned above for a group of keywords. This would help to import these test steps into a test management system in a format that would be readable for users not familiar with Katalon.

Proposal: Select a set of keywords and right click and select Group, that opens a popup where a user can provide step descriptions.

Also, please note Comment doesnt help here as it actually doesn’t group keywords.

You can use the Custom Keyword feature to ‘group’ any test steps in a single one :wink:

did that already to log start and end of step to be able to group them. Do you have some better idea for custom keywords? Anyways, in built feature with UI support to group would be helpful.


You can write a custom keyword with input parameters (String url, String user, String password) to execute all above steps :wink:

well the given scenario was just an example. The need is to group any keywords not just the example given. And writing custom keywords for everything would not be an optimum solution.


Is the best practice, using keywords may result cumbersome for everyone.

Grouping would be just as easy as using decision-making or looping statements.

Please consider a feature like that soon, regards!

WebUI.callTestCase() seems to be the one you want.

For example:

Hi kazu,

I think is way more simpler than that (using external calls or keywords), is something similar to statements visuals (where you can expand and colapse at will, or to move, copy the whole group)


I know, as the title suggest, this sounds more like a feature request and is been two years since, but please if you can consider this, it would be helpful.


No, I won’t. I am not a Katalon employee.

No, I won’t. I am not a Katalon employee.

Alright, I was also hoping some Katalon Developer would land on this thread as well…