How to group/tag different steps within the same test case?

Can someone please tell me how do we group or tag different steps within the same test case.
I have a test case wherein I am searching for some items and then adding them to My Cart of application. Within the same test case, I then to the cart and validate that the items have been added or not.
I want to split the same test case into two parts - 1) add data 2) validate data.
Based on this i want to create 2 different test suites: addDataSuite and validateDataSuite
How can I achieve this objective in Katalon Studio.
I am using the latest version of Katalon Studio 8.3

You should learn WebUI.callTestCase() first.

Then think how to refactor your code.

You might also want to save a reference number, client name or whatever between the different test suites.