Project Settings > Executions > Enable/Disable logging executed steps; is it deprecated?

In the Katalon Document
it sais that

Log executed test steps
Starting from Katalon Studio version 7.0 , an option to disable Log executed test steps is available in Project Settings > Executions . By enabling or disabling this option, you can decide whether the logs include executed test steps or not.

I am using Katalon Studio ver7.2.1 on Mac. I looked at Project Settings > Execution, I can not find the GUI widget to enable/disable logging test steps. See the following screenshot.

I seem to remember that I could see the option available sometime before, but now I can not see it. I am wondering if that option turned deprecated?

KS 7.2.4 Windows…

OK, clarified. Thank you.

I cannot believe you guys actually put this "feature: behind the paywall… In 7.3.0 the log viewer just became useless.


This is really frustrating, to see that this feature is under paywall. This is very basic feature.


I checked KS 7.3.1 (not Enterprise version). I opened a project which I created months ago. I believe that it had the “Log exected test steps” option was set “Enabled” in that project. In KS 7.3.1, I found that the option is set “Disabled”. See the following screenshot.

I tried to turn the option from “Disabled” to “Enabled”. Then I was welcomed with a dialog:

This is a Katalon Studio Enterprise feature. Curious what’s offered in Katalon Studio Enterprise? Check here.

I believe that this dialog was newly introduced at KS 7.3.x.

Now I understand what guys above complained about.

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Let me express my opinion here.

I personally will NEVER want the “Log executed test stops” to be Enabled. That verbose log is not informative for me. It slows down the running tests significantly. Therefore I would welcome that the option defaults Disabled.

However, I agree, the new dialog looks frustrating.

I wonder why Katalon team made a decision to turn that verbose logging feature to be of KSE (requiring fee). People without KSE license can not see what Enabled logging feature really is, and without looking at it, they would start complaining: Katalon is this stingy.


I am concerned that the small decision does not motivate people for KSE and just harms your reputation.

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As discussed with our product team, we will set “Log executed test stops” to be Enabled for Katalon Studio community users in v7.3.2.

We are sorry for this mistake and thanks for your report.

Additional information:

  • KSE users can change the “Executed Log Test Step” to be Enabled or Disabled.
  • KS community users can see the “Executed Log Test Step” as Enabled.
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Thank you for your quick reaction.

This means, by setting the option Disabled, KSE can execute a large set of tests more quickly than KS because it has less burden of verbose logging.

Fair enough. I would accept that.

I have got an alternative approach.

I found that I can detach the Log Viewer widget from Katalon Studio GUI, and even close it. If the LogViewer is closed, the processing overhead of “logging execution of test steps” is no longer there. My tests run far faster. 5 min 37 sec -> 25 seconds.

See the following topic:

I can do this in Katalon Studio Free version. So I wouldn’t mind it if the option “Project Settings>Executions>Disable logging executed test steps” to be an Enterprise feature.