Product Tours for Onboarding New Users in Katalon Studio

A product tour is an onboarding process that happens directly within the product. It is one of the best practices across industries to help new users quickly learn how to use the product and realize its values.

How Different Groups of Users Get Started

Automation experts and experienced testers typically go straight to the product documentation to learn how to use Katalon solutions.

Unfortunately, many inexperienced or non-technical users don’t implement the same approach. They often overlook the available resources, including the documentation, Katalon Academy, email guides, and more. As a result, after downloading and opening Katalon Studio, new users don’t know what to do and end up not getting any value or achieving any particular goal with the product.

To help new users get on board quickly, we provide an initial product questionnaire to identify a user’s experience and preferences and offer interactive guided tours for different test project types when users create them for the first time.

Product Tours in Katalon Studio

For Studio 8.4.0, Katalon added many enhancements to the existing onboarding tours for web UI and API testing projects. We also added a new tour for Behavior Driven Development (BDD) projects, addressing the users’ needs to quickly start with this method in Katalon.

A corresponding tour begins when new users pick a project type in the product questionnaire. Here’s an example of the BDD tour:

The tour walks users through the most basic workflow and points out the milestones in the process. Each step is guided with a detailed description and a screen highlighting mechanism to keep users focused on achieving the outcome, as shown in the GIF below:

Screen Recording 2022-09-08 at 21.38.34 (1)

By the end of the process, new users get to know the steps to create a simple test case, use a test suite to organize tests, and execute them. The tour then takes them to the documentation, where they can further explore all the functionalities with detailed instructions. At this point, users should have a better understanding if Katalon is a good fit for their needs, or if they need more time to evaluate and decide.

Note: It’s quite common for new users to rush into using the product and skip the guided tour. If you get lost and want to return to the guide, simply go to Help (in the Menu bar) > Quick Start Guide to start the tour again.

In-App Tutorials

In addition to product tours, new users can start with the in-app onboarding tutorials for web UI, mobile, desktop, and API testing. Go to Help > Tutorials and simply pick a tutorial. Below is an example for web UI.

The tutorial offers simple documentation built inside the application, guiding users on a basic workflow. Users can click on a step, read the instructions, and follow along. After finishing each step, they can mark it as done and move on to the next step, keeping track of their progress.

Other Resources for Product Onboarding

Product tours guide new users on the steps to complete basic workflows, but sometimes they are not enough for full product evaluation. Here are other available Katalon resources to help users learn and explore the capabilities and functionalities of the platform:

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When Katalon users encounter technical issues, they can also go to the Support Portal (for paid users) or Katalon Community (for all users) to get advice and tips from peers and experts.

Special thanks to our APM @nhi.knguyen for sharing this topic. If you’re a new user, use the product tours and other resources to learn how to evaluate and use Katalon solutions quickly.

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