[Open Discussion] If you’re a new user of Katalon, what are some of your challenges in exploring our platform?

Hi all community members! :wave:

Hope you are having a great week! We’ve found that many users are trying to search for support using the current Documentation, Community Forum, and the Help Center we have online. Our goal is to provide:

  1. Basic understanding of our products
  2. Business-related information (e.g., license guide, pricing structure)
  3. Technical-related information (e.g., learn about automation & integrations)

With that in mind, we want to better understand your experiences while exploring the platform. Please share your top three challenges below! :point_down:


Data files sections - Please provide test data files support JSON/YML .


My biggest challenge is TIME. The nature of my hands-on management role only allows me to test the Katalon products as time allows – which is not often with gaps of days in between. I just reinstalled the software on a different pc and discovered I only have 3 days left in the trial – which for me might as well be zero days!


Sometimes, there should be more confirmation tooltips or information about an action that is to be performed. For example, the other day, I wanted to record a new Test Case (let’s call it B) just after finishing Test Case A. So, from the script view of Test Case A, I hit Action → Record → Record Web. A tooltip appears:

I click “No, I want a clean session”, thinking this will create a new Test Case, as a “clean session”. I do my thing, I record and then save, and with no other confirmation tooltip or anything, my old script is overwritten. I can ctrl + z to undo it, but as Katalon is sometimes shaky, in that occurence, nothing I tried brought back my script. There should be more explanation about how the action is going to override a Test Case instead of creating a new one.

Also, using Keywords and their documentation feels incomplete and hidden behind a sort of information fog. See this post about it: Using import statement for Custom Keyword

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