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I’m getting a weird error about archive…how do I fix this?

Archive for required library: ‘C:/Users/person/Test Automation/Katalon_Studio/plugins/org.codehaus.groovy_2.4.7.xx-201611170128-e46/lib/org.apache.xerces.impl_2.11.0.jar’ in project ‘C%%Users%person%Test Automation%Katalon Studio Projects%projectname%projectname.prj’ cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file

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Since upgrading from Katalon version 5.4.0 to version 5.4.1, I also get an error about org.apache.xerces.impl_2.11.0.jar when I try to create or open a project:

The file is actually missing in my installation folder, but it is also missing in the ZIP file with Katalon 5.4.1 I downloaded from I executed the integrity check on this ZIP file, but no errors were reported, so I do not think the ZIP file is corrupted.

Comparing the relevant folder in the ZIP file for Katalon version 5.4 and 5.4.1, it looks like the Xerces jar file and another jar file are missing:

Could it be that these two files were “forgotten” when building the new download package for Katalon 5.4.1?



I was able to fix my problem with the missing JAR files in the meanwhile:

The problem was that I had extracted Katalon 5.4.1 into folder "C:\Program Files\Katalon" on my Windows 10 machine. After extracting Katalon into folder "c:\KatalonStudio", the opening of a project worked.

So it seems that the access control of Windows prevented Katalon from loading the jar files from "C:\Program Files\Katalon\plugins", and Katalon therefore also tried to load them from folder “_C:\Program Files\Katalon_plugins/org.codehaus-groovy_2.4.7…” (as fallback).

I also tried to copy the “missing” jar files into folder “_C:\Program Files\Katalon_plugins\org.codehaus-groovy_2.4.7…”, but this did not help to solve the error.

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Hi, I had the same situation after upgrading, 11 .jar files were removed from /Applications/Katalon

In my case I used GitKraken - distributed version control system, discarded all modified files and returned to original version.

Hopefully it will be a more proper fix for this.

I am trying to create table in excel from Katalon, code runs fine in Eclipse with same Apache poi libraries but not work with Katalon here below I have uploaded screenshot for code and library kindly help.