Build Path Problem

Hello, I am trying to use Apache PDFBox (see screenshot) to e.g. search if a string is in a PDF document.

However, I am getting the following error message: Archive for required library: ‘…/Drivers/pdfbox-app-2.0.24.jar’ cannot be read or is not a valid ZIP file

I have also tried the suggestions in Errors when executing script but to no avail. I have tried moving the executable to C:\Katalon\katalon.exe but still did not work.

Any advice would be appreciated


I found this thread quite long ago Problems section: Type = Build Path Problem but similar to your problem. Can you please try to investigate more? In the meanwhile, which version are you using? Please try to upgrade KS version to the latest one.


As the IDE shows, your jar file is not a valid jar file. Please check or download library again.

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