Problem with using Java Robot and WebUI at the same time

Hello guys,
I am trying to paste text from clipboard to address bar. We have action, which copies automatically text when clicked.
I have found only this way, using Java ROBOT for CTRL+L (select address bar) and CTRL+V (paste clipboard). But WebUI doesn’t wait for this action. How can I solve this problem?
import java.awt.Robot
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent

*some  Katalon codes*
*Robot robot = new Robot()*




How about adding WebUI.waitForPageLoad(10) after the last robot command?

Also, just a note that you cannot be playing with your mouse or keyboard at the same time as the robot commands are being run.

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why don’t you just retrieve the clipboard data as a string and use navigateToURL?


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@duyluong @ThanhTo @devalex88

Feature request for KS 8.x

 Copy specified text to the clipboard

 Copy clipboard content to specified target

 Verify clipboard content with specified target content
   Fail if different. Less useful.

 Clear the clipboard content

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So that we don’t derail this thread: WebUI Clipboard API set

You just made an infinite loop :smiley:

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The exit point will be ‘feature implemented’

Thank you @bionel. I just added this function as Keyword. And worked for me.

I have tried this option, but doesn’t work