Problem when I try to generate testcloudEnvironmentId

Hi all,

I am trying to generate testcloudEnvironmentId to run my Test Suite collection on different environment but when I try to generate it using command builder I have this issue:

Can anyone help ?

Many thanks


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Thank you very much for your topic. Please note that it may take a little while before a member of our community or from Katalon team responds to you.



Can you please describe the impact, the error from this issue? Thank you

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Looping in @ha.tpham from our TestCloud team here so she can take a look at this issue.

@qa-sa Please give us more details about your test execution such as what environment you are running (mobile browser, mobile app?), please recheck Katalon integration to see what TestCloud license do you have. It’d be better if you can give us the screenshot, video recording for better analysis. Thank you.

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Hi all,

I have been informed by the OP of this thread that their issue has been resolve. Hence, I will proceed to close this thread up shortly.


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