Problem to record css caps


In Katalon studio, in the “record web” interface, when a text is uppercase with css, it is recorded in lowercase. So, when the test is running for a second time, a failure is catching.
Could you record the text with the same case?

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Hi Chivet,

Could you provide step to reproduce the bug?

Some thing like OS or Katalon version is helpful too.

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To reproduce the bug, have an html page with a text “Hello world” with a css attribute “text-transform:uppercase” on this text.

On record interface, click right on this text and record “Verify Element Text” : that’s record the text “Hello world” (in this case).

Replay the recorded scenario : an error occured cause actual text “HELLO WORLD” don’t match with the recorded value “Hello World”.

Don’t hesitate if you need more explanations.

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Here is an example.
You can see the recorder saved the value “Mettre à jour” instead of “METTRE A JOUR”, so causes an error when I replay the registered test.

Hope this help.

Hi @chivet,

Thank you for reporting,
I’ll log the ticket to our backlog and get back to you when it’s fixed on a KS version.

Happy Testing!
Nam Nguyen.

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@vu.tran support ticket created.