Problem opening a project

I’m used to run a test case collection from a scheduled task. Everything was working fine until I updated to the latest version (6.1.1). I was using something like 5.6. I made the necessary change to my solution. Fixed the ‘project description’ problem. Everythink works fine except the projet opening…
My scheduled task can not open the projet. It’s opening Katalon just fine.
I’m on Windows 10. I don’t have any windows environment variable for Katalon (not sure if this is an issue).


  • Opened Katalon, opened the project, closed the project, used the ‘Auto restore this session on next open’: Woks fine
  • Doucle clicked on the .prj, Katalon opened but not the projet: Is this supposed to work?
  • Same issue when using a command prompt, .bat file or .bat file triggered by a scheduled task.

Here’s my .prj and .project files.

Thanks for your help.

Jarry2.7z (918 Bytes)

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Could you please show me how the scheduled task was configured?