Press and hold home button not detected by Katalon


I have an Android phone that has a feature where pressing and holding the Overview button will close all open apps and pressing and holding the Home button will open up the Google Assistant. Mobile keyword includes Press Home but not press and hold.

I have tried Tap and Hold and Tap and Hold at Position. Tap and Hold does not work as the Home, Back and Overview buttons are not being picked up by the Mobile Spy/Recorder so I can’t define the objects to Tap and Hold. Tap and Hold at Position fails with an error stating
Coordinate [x=540.0, y=2100.0] is outside of element rect: [0,0][1080,2016]

This makes me believe Katalon is not looking below 2016 (where the Home, Back and Overview buttons are). The device full size is 1080 x 2160. Does anyone know how to press and hold on these buttons at the bottom of the screen?