Need to make an api call inside of a Web test

I have an application that uses azure data explorer as a backend and i will need to be able to clean out data or retrieve data from there.

as far as i know there is no plugin for azure data explorer. i know that we have the ability to call sql and oracle db’s using data files and i have used keywords to make calls to our MongoDb (Robo 3T), but this app using something I have never made calls to before.

i do have the ability to access api calls to get what i need but i cant seem to find documentation on how to easily do what i am trying to do.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is how to manually construct a Web Service request using Katalon APIs.

Creating a Web Service request using Katalon APIs tends to make the code “heavy” and more than a little noisy. If you prefer, you can submit a JSON request semi-directly using JavaScript/jQuery from Groovy (which is something I do quite often).

Russ, thanks for replying to my topic.

do you have a link to how to do this or an example of how you have done this?

If you weren’t already aware, you can call JavaScript from Groovy, like this:

String js = "alert('Hello world');"
WebUI.executeJavaScript(js, null)

From jQuery, you can execute webservices using the $.ajax() API.

From regular JavaScript, you can execute webservices using the fetch() API.

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