[POLL] Curious, whats your automation experience?

  • Completely new to automation
  • Have some but little experience
  • Few years experience
  • I know everything, i dont need to awnser your stupid poll

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If you are experienced in automation, which tool do you move from to Katalon and why?


I started as a product engineer with a little software development experience. After 2 or 3 years, I’m now a software developer with a little product engineering experience :laughing:

I started by building my own automation test framework from scratch that worked quite well, but switched to katalon after about a year so that I could focus more on a script framework and less on the test framework.


I am just a software developer working on Katalon Studio.

Helping you guys is basically where my automation experience come from. :rofl:


My only experience of automation is answering something about CI in a post and waiting for @Ibus to correct me. Works every time :rofl:

(Just kidding Ibus - I’ve learned a lot from you :slight_smile: )


my experience in automation is … zero.
my knowledge came from my curiosity, i like to explore.
in fact katalon was the very first toy used to develop automated tests. because i was lazy to learn and setup another framework.
before to discover it i was using just postman and some bash scripting.
after katalon i started to like automated tests (also due to laziness, i hate to do the same thing twice) and i played a bit with rest-asurred, spock … and now i am using pytest because of new job requirements.

as for CI’s … i played with Jenkins, with Ansible, now with Bamboo … because somebody in my team had to do it :slight_smile: