Please read this thread if you're getting "Katalon Studio Enterprise Expires tomorrow" message

:information_source: We have received reports about KRE displaying an expiry prompt one date from the current date. If you are also having this issue, then please read this topic.

The message is there everyday and haven’t expired, is there a way to remove this please?


Thank you


Yes , you don’t need to worry about that as KS’s final expiry would be visible in katalon test ops license management. So , just ignore this as it appends by 1 day every time you open KS

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But YOU do.

@naomy.arnold is rightfully concerned. You should always be concerned about software that doesn’t follow the principle of least surprise (POLS/POLA). It leaves you wondering what else it’s going to throw at you. And when. And “is this thing going to stop running? How am I meant to do my job?”

Katalon Studio claims to help ensure quality in the software it is designed to test. Katalon needs to eat it’s own dogfood and be the exemplar of quality software engineering. Poorly implemented license reminders, (repeated daily), however benign, do not inspire confidence.

And let’s be clear, this is not an alpha/beta release. C’mon guys, you can do better.

My $0.02


Hi all,

Thank you very much for bringing this to our team and everyone else’s attention. And we apologize for the inconveniences that this may cause you (for a company whose motto screams “Quality”, today might not have been our best day).

Please rest assure that our Product team is also aware of this bug and is working on a fix as we speak. We will keep you posted on when the bug will be fixed.

For now, you can view your correct expiry date by going to your License Management page on TestOps, the instructions are below…

Many thanks, and if you still encounter any bugs/glitches, please let us know by making a topic in Bugs Report


I will also be pinning your topic up top of the Bugs Report, and add 1-2 lines to your first post, so that if others who are also running into this expiry prompt can get to this thread. :+1:


Yes @naomy.arnold - I am also seeing same as you reported

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Yes they said its a known bug… @atul.rai