Licensing info is not correct on Katalon Studio start page


So, finally we purchased Katalon licenses but came across some confusing situation. The owner of the licesnes (User A) assign one of the license to a user in our team (User B) as you can see in attached image.

When user B logged in to Katalon studio with credentials, on start page it shows that llicense will be expiring on next day as you can see in this image.

and if I try to check expiry date in Help menu, it just keep trying to fetch expity date as shown in attached image

license 5

Can anyone explain what is going on here please?


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Hi @zahid.asim,

I am seeing the same result on my system.

The β€˜Expiry Date, July 31, 2024’ is when all of your KSE company licenses will expire.

The β€˜Katalon Studio Enterprise will expire on August 26, 2023’ is confusing. I take it to mean that my logged in session will expire on 'August 26, 2023’ should I not log out of Katalon. I never log out of Katalon but each day when I reconnect / start Katalon the expiration date has been incremented by a day.

I believe that the β€˜You are up to date’ is meant to let the logged in user know that your companies licenses (July 31,2024) are up to date. If I see it’s not up to date I know to reach out to our business folks to have the license renewed, hopefully that never occurs.

Do not worry Friend ,i am seeing this from last few days, but its updated when you check another day! :laughing:

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