Perform Re-Recording


While trying to Re-record on the existing script, am getting an error message “Cannot generate test steps”. So we are unable to record further, please guide us to record scripts.

Please find the screenshot:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Divya_T,

Please share us this info:

  • What Katalon version are you using?
  • The Katalon Studio .log file


Hi @duyluong

Thanks for your reply.

we are currently using Katalon version 6.2.1

Please find the log file attached.
logfile.txt (180.6 KB)

Hi @Divya_T,

We have fixed a similar issue in v6.3.x. Please update Katalon Studio to this version and let us know if this issue still happens.


Thank you @duyluong

It is working fine in katalon 6.3.1

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