Katalon 7 Problem - After recording one time, I get the cannot generate test steps message each subsequent time

I installed Katalon Studio 7 today, and keep running into a problem. I can record a test script the first time after starting Katalon Studio. However, every time after, I get the “Cannot generate test steps.” message whenever I try to record a new script or append new recorded steps to an existing script. I have to then exit Katalon Studio and start it again. The process begins over…it works one time and then does not again. This is VERY frustrating and is keeping me from doing anything productive.

Interesting note: I am in a project that was created in the last version of Katalon Studio 6. I’m not sure if that could be causing the problem.

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Hi @eric.martin

I cannot reproduce this issue even on project created from version 6.x . Can you post the error log under Help > Error Log ? It’d be helpful if you can record a gif to demonstrate this problem.

error.log (334.8 KB)

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