Not able to generate test steps

i am not able to generate my test steps.
i am able to record all steps, also i am able to select repository folder , but after selecting folder when i press OK i am getting error, “can not generate test steps”

steps i have followed are,
1)click on record web,
2)insert URL and record all steps
3)click ok on record web page (redirects to repository folder)
4)select folder and click OK
after clicking OK i am getting “cannot generate test steps,” error

i am able to record and play other urls but problem with this URL only,

please help.


Hi sanket,
I just reproduce but it was failed. Is it possible to share with me Katalon Studio logs in this case?

Hi Alice,

thanks for giving your precious time .
actually i am not able to save the recorded steps so can’t run the script as we can see item, object, input fields are empty.
as cant run script (script not generated) logs are not there. and i’m facing problem with one URL only.

Hi I am also experiencing a similar issue. I have a testcase created with multiple steps. I want to record further steps. But when I click ‘Record Web’ Button I see the same error: “Cannot generate test steps”.

However when I attempt to Record more steps to other tests the recording tool opens fine with no issues.

Could you please assist