Pause test suite execution on test case fail

Sorry if this has already come up, but I’m finding it hard searching this specific forum.

Can you add an option to pause the execution of the test suite if a test case fails please? The old Selenium had this as an extension and the one has it built in.

All of my test suites are testing a web app and each test case in the suite depends on the previous one working. At the moment, if the test case fails for some reason, then the suite moves on to try and execute the next test case (which will fail because the previous one did) and that carries on until the end of the suite. If it paused, then I could troubleshoot at the point of failure, but because it carried on, I can’t.

Was this resolved? Please share the resolution for this. We also need the Pause test suite execution feature. Thanks

I think “Contoller Test Case” can be a solution.

Thanks for a quick response but Controller Test Case is not applicable to our developed test cases. We just need to work the pause icon located at Job Progress view. Right now, it is not clickable, we’re not sure how to enable the Pause icon.