Paste from clipboard or excel online file

Firstly, I’m sorry if this post exists, I couldn’t find it.

My problem is as follows:
I work for an export company, we need to write down numbers from pictures, then copy them and paste them on various pages, and this, over and over with different numbers each time. I couldn’t figure out how to Select, Copy, and keep this copied element to paste it later in the process. With no actual “paste” command and no access to the clipboard (i’m not very good with this program, only beginning), I do not know how to proceed.

The best option for me would be to write down all numbers manually on an excel file, and let Katalan do the process in a loop, taking each time the number that follows in the table.

If you can help me, I would be forever grateful.


Did you guys tried an OCR tool that can read from pictures and give you the editable text from it ?

Once you have that editable text you can save that in variables and use those variables to enter text at different places.

Thanks for your answer,

We do not have such a thing. For now we have to type manually the numbers on a website, then proceed to different confirmation windows etc… Then paste again the same number and loop again to the next number.
However, if we were able to edit the text with an OCR, I wouldn’t be cable of writing variables, I cannot program, but I do understand basic concepts.

There is no capability within Katalon to do the OCR thing. You can suggest in plugin sections to create that plugin but that may take some time.

To start with using Katalon you may need to get familiar with the tool first. I would suggest you to see some of these introduction videos

Thanks for this answer,

For now the OCR thing is really not my priority. I would like to make an excel file from which Katalon could pick numbers to do online processes. I am sure I can make a recording capture of the process for Katalon to get the loop, the issue remains this “copy, paste” from manually entered numbers previous to the process.

For example, I write:

Each on a different line, and at the beginning of the process, the first one is taken, and the loop continues from the second…

I hope it is clear enough, sorry if I don’t have all the knowledge, that’s why I’m here in the first place hahaha

@manowar83 You can do it easily with Katalon. Just create an initial test case using the recording functionality using 1 of the example. Then you can do data binding for Katalon to iterate different numbers form your excel and do that same thing.

Once you have the working test case ready you should look into this option

Thank you very very much, I’ll try it out probably Monday, hoping I’ll understand it all. Cheers!

great thanks