Any Katalon script writer available

I am in need of script that copy paste details from web page or excel sheet into a web form.

Need to copy the above details and paste it in the corresponding fields. Please help.



Hello Thiyagarajan. M,
welcome in the Katalon community.
In my opinion you can solve your requirement in two steps.

  1. Export your data from your source, Excel or web page, as JSON or CSV.
  2. Import this data into your target web page.

If your source is a web page you can export the table data with a simple mark and copy and paste into an Excel sheet. Now save it as CSV file. In the next step you can use Katalon Automation Recorder to import it into your target web page. Add the CSV file in the Data Driven menu item at the toggle bar and process the data with your specific script. You can find an example how to do that here.
Best regards