How to copy from Browser - paste into excel sheet?

Hi i’m kinda new to this extension ))

what i’m trying to do is copy paste phone numbers from opened tab in chrome and paste that copied number into excel sheet .

so i will have this 100 tabs open in my chrome all the same page just need to copy phone number from each tab and past it into the excel sheet !

how can i do that in the recorder extension ? can some one provide the script please ?

You seem to be very new to Katalon Studio.

The first thing you need to learn is how to open Browser, hot to navigate to the URL, how open tabs, how to select the phone number, how to get the text and save it into a variable. ---- All of these are the basic of Katalon Studio. To start with, see or any other materials. You need to learn all of these step by step. Do not think you can get them through very quickly. You would need days or weeks. Stay calm and devote enough of your time.

As for writing data from Katalon Studio into Excel, the Excel Keywords is available. This would make your coding much easier.

Have a look at the following sample code of writing data int Excel workbook.

Ah! You are going to use Katalon Recorder! I do not know anything about it. I do not know if it is possible or not for you to write data into Excel from Katalon Recorder.

I was talking about Katalon Stduio.

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@bankaifoxx As far a I know, it’s not possible with the Katalon Recorder extension.
It would be worth learning the full Katalon Studio as suggested by @kazurayam

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Thank you both for replaying i’m on the studio now learning and testing, thank you for helping and pointing the way ))) cheers