Pass Arguments to Executable in Windows Action Recorder

Is it possible to pass an argument to the specified Application file when trying to record actions for a Windows executable?

An executable I would like to record requires a .ini file to be passed as an argument. I cannot seem to pass this argument when starting recording from the Windows Action Recorder.

Is it possible to call executables with required parameters from the Windows Action Recorder?

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You can sepecify application arguments using appArguments capabilities like this:

Reference: WinAppDriver/ at master · microsoft/WinAppDriver · GitHub

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For anyone looking to solve this in the future, this desired capabilities can be found by pressing the Edit button for the Windows Action Recorder Configuration.

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Thank you … it works … looks I need take some time to learn …

Hi All :

Is there any way to pass the argument in Native Windows recorder ? .

Hi @212786241

Passing arguments in Native Windows Recorder is not supported at this momment. We will introduce in further release.

Hello everyone,

In version 7.7, Katalon Studio supports passing Capabilities including appArguments and appWorkingDir for Native Windows Recorder.


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