Desired capabilities null

Hi all,

I had set up a desired capability called appArguments, because I need to start a classic win application with a specific ‘ini’ file. I can see that it is working through the configuration of the Native Windows Recorder. Therefore I administered the exact same capability into the project settings under the desired caps/windows page.
Unfortunately running a simple Windows.startApplicationWithTitle test case does not collect the desired capability, the Log Viewer shows desiredCapabilities = {}

Thank you for any solution

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Ah okey, I found the problem. I leave it here for the @devs, because this is a minor issue that might worth reconsidering.

Even if I create a specific Windows/Desktop project, the default execution is set to Chrome. Running the testcase still calls winappdriver, so most of the time it is not an issue I guess, but in my case it doesn’t work because it searches for the Chrome desired capabilities which is obviously null.

It works fine through the Windows execution option.



I am having a similar issue. I was wondering what you changed to make it work. I do not understand what you mean by it worked with the Windows Execution option. Maybe I am just being stupid but I was hoping you could help. Thanks you.