Parameterize fields of json body passed as an external file

How to parameterize fields of JSON body passed as an external file ?
Appreciate your help.

Iā€™m not sure this answers your question, but I just started using JSON files to hold the input data for my tests. JSON files are more powerful and flexible than the comma-separated files (CSV) that are built in to Katalon Studio. JSON files allow me to store lists, maps, objects, etc.

Suppose my JSON file with test data looks like this

   "name" : "Harold",
   "hobbies" : [ "programming", "gardening", baking" ],
   "favorites" : { "food" : "sushi", "color" : "blue" }

Use these three lines to read the file. (Put these lines in a reusable test case or custom keyword so all your tests can use them.)

import groovy.json.JsonSlurper

def inputFile = new File("D:\\myPath\\my-data.json")
def data = new JsonSlurper().parseText(inputFile.text)

Now, in my test I can refer to the values as

String name =
List hobbies = data.hobbies
Map favorites = data.favorites

This is a nice way to separate the inputs to my test from the logic/steps of the test. If I ever need to change the data, I can update the file without affecting the test. I can also use different data files with the same test.

Good luck!

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You can use Groovy Template Engine: